How to remove a Beehive


Is the beehive near your house bothering you? Are you looking for ways to remove a beehive? I understand your concern. In this post, I will try to help you understand the process of removing a beehive. I am sure that it will help you get rid of the beehive that you wanted removed.


Some things to know before removing a beehive

There are few important things which you should know before you remove a beehive:

  1. Bees play a very important role in our ecosystem. Bees, by way of pollinating, help in the growth of plants, flowers and trees. You would know that plants, flowers and trees are key to our existence and to the existence of creatures living on this earth. So, it would be wise to find ways to shift the bees to a new location rather than killing the bees thereby protecting environment.
  2. If you are allergic to bee stings, you should avoid attempting the removal of beehive yourself. You can hire professionals who would do the work of removing beehives. It will cost you a bit, but you would be safer.
  3. If you are removing beehive yourself, you should always remember to protect your body by using protective clothing like beekeeper’s veil, leather gloves, etc.
  4. You should not provoke bees by wearing dark-colored clothing, perfumes, etc.

Ways to remove a beehive

There are many ways to remove a beehive. I will the best methods here. You can choose the one that suits you best.


Using smoke to remove beehive without killing bees

Smoking is the best method to relocate the bees safely.

What you will need: Bee Smoker, Wood Pellets or Pine Straw, Protective Clothing, Leather Gloves, Scraping Tool & Beehive Box

Now, let’s get to the steps:

  1. Locate the beehive. If you have already located the beehive, you’re good. Else, you will have to find out where the beehive is located. You can take professionals help if you want to avoid the risks. If you are doing it yourself, it is very important to wear the protective clothing and leather gloves to cover your body.
  2. Plan the Escape Route: As a preventive measure, it’s always a good idea to plan the escape route first. If there is a bee-swarm attack, you should be able to secure yourself easily.
  3. Decide the time to remove the beehive. The best time would be in the afternoon when the bees would be out pollinating.
  4. Wear your Protective Clothing and Leather Gloves. The protective clothing should be of light colors. The dark colors clothing will aggravate the bees which of course you would not want. Avoid using any scent, perfume, deodorant or fragrance on your body as it will attract attention of bees.
  5. Set up the beesmoker with wood pellets inside it. If you don’t have wood pellets, you can use pine straw instead.
  6. Now, without disturbing the bees, quietly light the fuel inside the beesmoker.
  7. The next step is to disperse the smoke quietly around the beehive. The smoke will make the bees calmer and will make them feel that their beehive is on fire. The bees will collect as much honey as they can and flee.
  8. Once you are sure that the bees have fled, you can remove the beehive with a scraping tool and put it in a beehive box.
  9. You can carry the beehive to the nearest bee farm and hand it over to them.
  10. Clean the beehive area properly to prevent the bees from returning again.


Remove beehive by exterminating bees

This is a harsh measure which you should use only when it is absolutely necessary. The Method #1 should always be preferred. I would recommend that you hire a professional exterminator in case you are using this method. It is dangerous.

What you will need: Insecticide for Bees, Protective Clothing, Leather Gloves,

The process to remove beehive by exterminating bees is as follows:

  1. Locate the beehive. Since you will be exterminating the beehive, you have to have a good idea regarding the size, location, spread, etc. Take the help of a trained professional.
  2. Determine the probable damage to the walls, if any. Considering the amount of honey that a beehive can store, it poses a great risk to the wall structure. You will have to assess the damage due to removal of beehive and also, the repairs required. Again, take the help of a trained professional.
  3. Decide the time to exterminate the beehive. The ideal time to exterminate a beehive is during late winter or early spring. If we have to consider the best time on any day, it would be early morning or late evening.
  4. Put on your Protective Clothing and Leather Gloves. The protective clothing should be of light colors. The dark colors clothing will aggravate the bees which of course you would not want. Avoid using any scent, perfume, deodorant or fragrance on your body as the bees will mistake it for flowers.
  5. It’s time to spray the insecticide on the beehive. Spray it in the early morning or late evening. Remove the beehive as much as you can and destroy it.
  6. Repeat the spraying and removing process daily until the beehive is destroyed completely.
  7. Collect the destroyed beehive and the dead bees in a garbage bag. After exterminating the beehive completely, place the garbage bag in a trash can and put it out for collection by trash pick-up service.
  8. Clean the beehive removal area properly using water and soap.
  9. Seal all the entrances & openings and cover the open areas to prevent re-formation of beehive.

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