How to delete Shutterfly Account

Shutterfly is an online photo publishing site where you can create photo books, photo cards, stationery and much more. It also allows you to share your photos with friends & family. There are many users who create account on Shutterfly to create one or two photo-books. It is found that many users do not use their Shutterfly account after opening it for temporary use. In such cases, the best thing would be to delete your Shutterfly account to prevent misuse of your account in future.

For the users of Shutterfly, it is important to know that there is no facility to delete your account online. You have to contact the Shutterfly Support and request them to delete your account. I will show you the steps to delete your Shutterfly account in this post.

Steps to delete Shutterfly account

  1. Send an email from your registered email address to requesting them to delete your Shutterfly account. You also have to mention the reason for deleting the account.
  2. You will receive a reply within 24 hours from Shutterfly Support Team requesting your Account Details for verification of your account. The details requested might include: 1. The Billing Address for the Account 2. The last 4 digits of the Credit Card of any transaction you made 3. Description of Images that you have in your Shutterfly account.
  3. Kindly provide the requested information and ask them to delete your account.
  4. After verifying your account details, the Shutterfly Support Team will delete your account. You will receive a confirmation message regarding your delete request within 24 hours of your sending the email.
  5. Your Shutterfly account has been deleted successfully.

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