How to delete or cancel Sling TV Account

Sling TV is a popular OTT Streaming Service offering live TV, Movies, TV Shows and much more. In spite of providing a good offering to its users, there are some customers who would like to delete or cancel Sling TV account due to valid reasons. The process of deleting or cancelling Sling TV Account is very simple. I have shared the process here for Sling TV users looking to cancel their Sling TV subscription.

The Sling TV Subscription cancellation is free and without any obligation.

Steps to delete or cancel Sling TV subscription

  1. Open on your browser
  2. Log in by entering your Username and Password.
  3. After logging in, go to “”My Account”. You will find it in the upper-right cornet of the screen.
  4. Your Subscription Details can be seen in the My Account page.
  5. You will also find the “Cancel Subscription” option in the My Account Page. Click on it.
  6. A pop-up will show asking for your confirmation to cancel the subscription. Click on “Cancel Subscription” button if you want to cancel the Sling TV Account. In the pop-up screen, Sling TV will offer you some extra benefit to retain your account. You have to decide whether to cancel or continue.
  7. After clicking on “Cancel Subscription”, your Sling TV Subscription is now cancelled. Before leaving, you can submit your feedback for Sling TV if you wish.
  8. You will asked for confirmation again. You have to confirm by entering your password and clicking on “Cancel my Subscription”.
  9. You have successfully cancelled your Sling TV Subscription.

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