How to delete my Letgo Account

Letgo is one of the best places online to buy & sell used stuff. If you have to buy or sell stuff from Letgo, you have to create your Letgo account through which you can make transactions. I have seen that many users want to sell one or two items on Letgo account. They create an account on Letgo and sell their stuff. After selling the stuff, they want to delete the Letgo account as they don’t have any use of this account.

I have created this guide for such Letgo users who want to delete their Letgo account. You must know that Letgo does not provide the facility to its users to delete their account themselves. You have to contact the Letgo Support and request to delete your account. The Letgo Support will delete your account and will provide you the confirmation once account is deleted. Let’s see how we can do this.

Steps to delete Letgo Account using Letgo Help

  1. Open in your browser.
  2. Log in using your username and password.
  3. Click on “Help” under the Support Section. You will find it in the bottom-part of the page.
  4. Click on “Tech & Bugs” which you will find below the FAQs. A “Contact Us” page will open.
  5. Enter your registered Email Address in the “E-mail Address” field.
  6. Select “Edit or delete profile” from the dropdown in the “Subject” field.
  7. Write a request in brief along with reason to delete your account in the “Message” field.
  8. Click on “Send” button.
  9. Your request to delete has been sent to Letgo Support. You will receive confirmation regarding the deletion of your account within 24 hours.

Steps to delete Letgo Account using Email Support

  1. Write an email with your delete request and reason for deleting your Letgo account to
  2. You will receive a confirmation message within 24-48 hours regarding deletion of your message in your mailbox.

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