How to delete Kik Account permanently or just deactivate it

Are you done with Kik Messenger App on your mobile phone? Have you already uninstalled it from your phone? Wait…. did you delete your Kik account before uninstalling the app?

You should delete your Kik account permanently if you do not intend to use the Kik App in future. It is not enough to just uninstall your app. When you signed up for Kik account, you provided them with your personal details which is stored on Kik’s server for as long as you don’t delete your account. In this digital age, it is important that you don’t keep your personal data on any third party site unless it is necessary. So, if you have decided that you have no use of Kik app, the first thing you should do is to delete your Kik account permanently.

What if I don’t want to use Kik App now and might decide to use it in future? No worries. Kik offers a great option for its users to deactivate their account. By deactivating your Kik account, although your account data is stored on Kik’s server, your personal details will be invisible to the world.

I have prepared this guide for Kik users to learn how to deactivate your Kik account or to permanently delete the Kik account.

Important things to know before deleting your Kik account permanently

  1. You have the choice to deactivate your account temporarily and reactivate it whenever you wish. I have shared the process of deactivating your Kik account below.
  2. After deactivating your Kik account, your username will become inactive until you login again. As soon as you log in to Kik account using your username and password, your account will be reactivated.
  3. The deactivation of Kik account will make you invisible on the contacts list of friends and family using Kik app.
  4. After deactivating your Kik account, you will not receive any emails or notification from Kik until you reactivate your account.
  5. Once you have deleted your Kik account permanently, all your personal data and information stored in your Kik account will be deleted from Kik’s server. It will be lost forever.
  6. If you ever wish to sign up for Kik again, your old username will not be available. You will have to create a new Kik account with a new username.

Steps to Deactivate your Kik Account

  1. Open the url – on your web-browser.
  2. Type in the registered email address of your Kik account and click on “Go” button.
  3. You will receive an email message from Kik regarding your deactivation request. Click on “Deactivate” button in the email.
  4. Your account is successfully deactivated.
  5. You can reactivate your account whenever you feel like it. You just have to log in again with your username and password of your Kik account and your account will be activate again.

Steps to Delete your Kik Account permanently

  1. Open the url – on your web-browser.
  2. Type in your username and email address in the respective fields. Also, select the appropriate reason for leaving Kik from the options provided in the dropdown list.
  3. Check the box against text “I understand that I’m permanently deactivating my account and I won’t be able to login again to reactivate it.”
  4. Click on “Go” button.
  5. You will receive an email from Kik in your mailbox regarding your delete request. Click on “Permanently Delete” button in the email.
  6. Your account is permanently deleted successfully.

Please share your feedback on the steps give above to deactivate your Kik account and to delete your Kik account permanently. Does it work? Your feedback is important for us to make our content useful to the users.

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