How to delete Fixya Account

Fixya is a community based troubleshooting solutions finder providing tips & tricks related to more than 19 millions products globally. The user can share the experiences, problems as well as solutions related to the products they use and connect with the Fixya community worldwide.

There are many users who have created Fixya account to troubleshoot some problem using the community platform and would like to delete their Fixya account. I will share the steps to delete your Fixya account in this post.

Steps to delete Fixya Account

  1. Send an email to from your registered email address with a request to delete your Fixya account. Your should provide your account details (except password) and also reason for deletion of account.
  2. You will receive email from Flixya Support Team within 24-48 hours confirming that your request to delete your account has been accepted and your account will be deleted soon.
  3. Your account will be deleted in few days.

Please share your feedback on the above steps to delete If you have any changes you would like to suggest, please feel free to share in the comments section.


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