Is There An Easy Way To Delete Duplicates In iTunes Or Not?

When your iTunes Library has thousands of files, you will surely ask is there an easy way to delete duplicates in iTunes? Certainly, you do not want to spend time looking for the duplicates individually. With thousands of songs to check out, this process will take you hours and probably cause a painful back too.

Deleting Duplicates Using iTunes

Whether you have downloaded, imported or transferred mp3, which caused the duplicate accumulation in your iTunes, you should get rid of it. Thankfully, you can do the deleting by using the iTunes menu.

  • Open the iTunes program to see your library.
  • Go to the File Menu and find the Display Duplicates or Show Duplicates option.
  • For different iTunes version, you can go to Edit then Show Duplicates or go to View then Show Duplicates.

Do not delete immediately as the two files can actually contain different versions of the songs. Check the album and size of the file to make sure it is completely the same.

Deleting Duplicates Using VB Script (Windows only)

VB script is a coding language use to make your own custom program on your computer. You can make a duplicate song remover program by yourself when you use VB script. Again, this coding language is only applicable to Windows.

  • Look for the VB script online and paste the codes on your Notepad (Start>Programs>Accessories>Notepad).
  • Change the 2nd line and replace “DaCeige” with your name. This is simply a protocol to identify the user who made the script.
  • Save the Notepad file using the filename “Dupremover.vbs”. Save it on your desktop.
  • Open the VB script from the desktop and the program will start running. It will look for duplicate songs in your computer.

Before running a VB script, make sure you are getting it from a trusted source. Some websites hide viruses inside the script.

Deleting Duplicates Using Software

If doing it the manual way is not your cup of tea, you can always choose the automatic way of deleting duplicates in your iTunes Library. Just download the software and let it find the duplicates in a matter of seconds. Choose the files you want to delete and it is done. Is there an easy way to delete duplicates in iTunes? Yes and it is the automatic way.

The only answer you have is to opt for software. You can choose the best in the market and just download it and you can let it do everything for you. You will be able to listen to your music without all the hassle.

Is There An Easy Way To Delete Duplicates In iTunes? Choosing The Best Software

This is being highly recommended by many iTunes experts. According to them, it is a time-saver. It will solve all your problems when it comes to getting rid of duplicates in your iTunes. It is simply the best in the market and many have proven its worth.

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