How to delete deactivate my Offerup Account

Deactivate Your Offerup Account Permanently

Offerup offers a great platform to buy or sell used goods online just like Craigslist. The only difference being Offerup serves only to the mobile users. Offerup is really a good service and many users really use it well to buy or sell their personal belongings. Still, there are some users who have opened their account on Offerup and could not find their way to be productive on this platform. Such users end up deactivating their offerup account.

Offerup does not provide an option to delete your account. You can only deactivate an Offerup account. The motive behind offering deactivation of account only is to allow their users the opportunity to reactivate their account whenever they feel like it in future.

Steps to deactivate your Offerup account (complete Guide)

  1. Open the url – – in your web-browser.
  2. Log in to your Offerup account using your username and password.
  3. Select the appropriate reason from the options given on the screen.
  4. Explain the reason for rejection in the text-box.
  5. Click on “Deactivate my Account” button.
  6. A message will pop-up asking you to confirm your request for deactivation of Offerup account. Click on “Yes, I’m sure.” button.
  7. Another message will pop-up stating that your account has been successfully deactivated. Click on “Done” button.
  8. That’s it. You’ve successfully deactivated your Offerup account. You can reactivate your account by logging in once after deactivation of your account.

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