How to Delete a Hotmail / Windows Live account

We comprehend you’ve come to this particular website searching pertaining to guidelines in order to remove the Hotmail accounts, but before you leap straight within, make sure you consider the actual next:

In case you don’t download e-mail as well as have the backup, removing the actual Hotmail accounts will certainly remove
virtually all stored communications as well as details associated with any kind of contacts from the actual web machine.

The actual Hotmail e-mail tackle will certainly end to exist that means communications delivered to it will certainly bounce
as well as be returned to the actual sender as an mistake.

Important notice:
You may remove the Hotmail accounts only whenever having accessibility to it; ie, you may signal within successfully as well as obtain to the actual inbox.

In case you can not obtain upon the actual accounts, just forget about regarding it as well as it is going to immediately be removed
right after roughly 90 days due to inactivity.

Sign within to remove your Hotmail accounts:
In order to close the actual Hotmail accounts you need to 1st indication within at the actual e-mail provider.


Go to the actual Hotmail home-page, enter your login facts (username as well as password) as well as come to the actual inbox.

You should observe the actual collection associated with e-mail communications in the center of the actual web page as well as e-mail accounts folders upon the actual left.

Close up to the actual “sign out” link (located at the actual top perfect associated with the actual page), you will certainly find out your
title within addition to any kind of photo/picture you had put directly into your profile.

Click on your title as well as choose the actual “Account Setting” option from the actual decrease lower menus.


You’ll now be taken to your account page by which you can change the preferences of
your account including the password. Spot the last “Close account” link? Select it to proceed.

NOTE: Your account hasn’t been deleted yet!

Within the next screen you shall be told the “consequences” of deleting your Hotmail email account
– ignore them if you’ve already made your decision. Otherwise, you can still cancel the procedure and return back.

As mentioned at the start, once you close this account the contents of your Hotmail account – emails, contacts
and all data will be removed and the Windows Live registered information will be permanently deleted.

Just to be sure you know very well what you’re about to do and to protect your account from any malicious attack,
you need to verify the Hotmail login details by entering your password again.

You’ll appreciate this if you recognize that anyone can delete your account if you left it running
(signed in) on a computer for example, right?
This implies without the password you will not have the ability to delete the Hotmail account.

Anyway, returning to the issue, Click on the “Yes” button if you really want to fully terminate your
association with the Hotmail account.

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